Speciality: Cancer

Receiving a diagnosis of Cancer is life changing. One can get hit with an intense range of emotions including denial, fear, anger, loss and uncertainty. The number of medical decisions a cancer patient must make during this time can feel overwhelming. Regardless of where one is in the stage of treatment, it is common to question and reevaluate one's purpose and meaning in life. The adjustments needed to be made impact not only the individual living with Cancer, but also those who love or care for him or her. Identity, body image, relationship and sexuality may shift due to the physical and emotional changes that are triggered by Cancer. Depending solely on friends and family for emotional support may feel like too much of a burden or adding additional worry and concern to those already faced with their own emotional reactions to the Cancer. No one should have to be alone in this journey. Strengthening one's coping mechanisms, grieving for what is lost and how life has changed, and redefining purpose are areas that a therapist can help you explore.

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