Speciality: Anxiety Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder :  OCD is a condition in which an individual experiences recurrent obsessions and/or compulsions.  Obsessions are repetitive thoughts, ideas, mental images or impulses that feel intrusive, unwanted and/or inappropriate.  Compulsions are repetitive thoughts and/or behaviors that an individual feels compelled to act on in an effort to avoid or decrease the anxiety created by obsessions.  OCD can be extremely debilitating, time-consuming, and can leave one feeling shameful and alone.  Symptoms cause a great deal of emotional distress and anxiety, often interferring with professional, social and relational functioning.

General Anxiety Disorder :  An anxiety disorder marked by excessive worry and fear over general everyday matters including career, friendships and romantic relationships.  GAD can include physical symptoms including but not limited to: stomach distress, difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat and numbness in extremities.

Social Anxiety :  Social Anxiety is one of the most common anxiety disorders.  This disorder involves an intense fear of social situations where the individual is afraid of embarrassing his or herself, being judged, watched or criticized by others.  The individual often isolates and avoids social situations, experiencing difficulty making and keeping friendships and romantic relationships.

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